Jack Layton Wants To Be Our Barack Obama

Just read the text of Jack Layton’s kickoff speech, which seems to read like a “best of” list cribbed from the various Democratic primary candidates. You might as well call it “The Campaign to Bring Change We Can Believe In to Canada on Day One”.

Overall it’s not a bad speech, probably because it feels like a blatant ripoff of Senator Obama’s speeches from the past two years, especially phrases like “doing things the way they’ve been done for the past 25 years” (Obama says 8 years) and “don’t let them tell you it can’t be done”, variations of which appear in almost every Obama speech. How about some original material?

And Mr. Layton, you’re no Barack Obama.

Also, I’m curious if the constant refrain of “Stephane Dion is not the change we need” in their policy section was introduced before or after that slogan made its debut south of the border.

But on a more humorous note, I agree about The Simpsons reference being thrown in as well.

Update: More from Aaron Wherry.


3 Responses

  1. Although their speeches are similar, someone should point out for you the obvious difference between Jack and Obama. Jack has a moustache. (and his name’s “Jack”)

    I’m just saying…

  2. Bigger differences than facial hair. Obama is inspirational; Jack not so much. Obama is a self-made man; Jack, daddy’s boy. Obama a strategic thinker/does; Jack, an opportunist.

    Yeah, I”ll vote for my local ndp candidate but so look forward to the next ndp leader to take over. Bill Blaklie, where are you?

  3. Obama is popular because he is genuine, and is running based on his personality and his beliefs.

    Layton would be well served to learn from Obama in this aspect rather than cribbing his talking points.

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