Weekend Reading and Entertainment: 08/07/09

Here is a collection of links to interesting items I’ve seen over the past week, many of which I tweeted about.

– My four part blog series covering the Global Youth Assembly, along with my Flickr set.
– A new report produced by Accenture called Web 2.0 Collaboration Tools for the Next Generation of Public Service.
– A great interview from the Financial Times with Rory Stewart, Director of the Carr Centre for Human Rights at Harvard. Also, for any readers fluent in French, his interview in the current edition of L’actualité is a must read.
– The Canwest Papers ran a five-part series titled ‘The Next Spike’, about the prospects of high-speed rail in Canada.
– It’s Edmonton Folk Fest this weekend! I’ll be there Saturday afternoon to see Joel Plaskett, and might be around for part of Friday night as well. Sandra Sperounes has a good review of Wednesday’s show with Sarah McLachlan and Tracy Chapman. Hopefully she’ll have more coverage as the week goes along. If we’re really lucky, maybe Andy Grabia will resurrect his Folk Fest blog.
– Video of Mos Def covering Billie Jean. He even moonwalks at the end!
– Finally, in memory of John Hughes, if you haven’t watched the video montage set to “Baba O’Riley”, here it is. I love his movies; especially Christmas Vacation. My dad and I (and often other family members as well) still watch it every Christmas.

Enjoy the weekend; I’ll have a new posts in the next few days about my trip to the Glenbow and Edmonton Folk Fest.


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