Weekend Reading and Entertainment: 09/18/09

Some things to read/watch/listen to this weekend:

To Read:
– Busy week on the blog. I wrote about the Wildrose Alliance Party leadership forum, as well as their by-election win. I also wrote a post marking the 25th anniversary of Brian Mulroney becoming Prime Minister.
– From the blog Intempestif, a great piece about the problems with negative campaigning. (note: it’s in French)
– From rabble.ca, a good piece arguing in favour of an immediate election in Canada.
– Also making an argument for an election now is Danielle Takacs. She made arguments both for the election and for why it makes sense for the NDP right now.
– If you missed Paula Simons’ piece in the Edmonton Journal about the idea of a downtown arena, make sure you give it a read.
– The latest issue of The Walrus is out. My issue arrived late last week, but I haven’t had time to read it yet. I will be reading Chris Turner’s cover story for sure.
– Also arriving in the mail and on my to-read list this weekend: Maisonneuve magazine. Check it out online or get the full thing on newsstands.
– Dr. Eric Hoskins won the by-election in the Ontario provincial riding of St. Paul. As the co-founder of War Child Canada, he has a fascinating life story, and is worth reading about. As Calgary Grit said, we need more people like him involved in politics.

To Watch:
– I enjoy a self-depricating Jack Layton than I do most of the other Jack Laytons I’ve seen.

To Listen To:
– I’m really liking the Pete Yorn/Scarlet Johansson album ‘Break-Up’, which was released on Tuesday.
– Julian Casablancas of The Strokes has an upcoming solo album. From that album, you can listen to his song “11th Dimension“.
– My friend Sarah is gearing up to release her debut album. You can listen to a few tracks at Sarah Cole Music.

Enjoy the weekend.


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