Weekend Reading and Entertainment: 09/26/09

A few stories to have a look at over the weekend:

– In case you missed it, I blogged more than usual this week. I previewed the fall concert schedule in Edmonton, posted a photo essay of summer in Edmonton, reviewed Rich Vivone’s new book about the Klein years, delved into the numbers to look at next fall’s Edmonton civic election, and covered the possibility of Tory MLAs crossing the floor should Danielle Smith become Wildrose Alliance leader.

– A good Wall Street Journal piece titled ‘Making Suburbia More Livable for Retirees’

– On my reading list for tomorrow is this lengthy series from Pittsblog: The Story Behind Pittsburgh’s Revitalization.

– On Counterpunch, David Michael Green asks ‘Can America Be Salvaged?’

– My friend Jeff Porten writes a piece outlining the challenges and opportunities for President Obama titled ‘The History of the Next Three Years’.

Ken Chapman has an new blog titled Reboot Alberta. One of his first posts details a conversation with John Ibbitson of The Globe & Mail. I read Ibbitson’s book last week after reading this post, and will be writing a review in the coming days.

– Daveberta was part of a CityTV town hall on politics in Alberta this past Thursday. He writes about the experience, and within the piece you can find links to the video clips of the town hall.

– An amazing photo essay by Scott Houston: Life in Small Town America – East Liverpool, Ohio. A declining manufacturing town.

– Finally, the always entertaining Jonah Keri has advice on how to choose a favorite baseball player.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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