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    • In the post-debate scrum on NBC just now, Trump had demeanor of football coach whose team is getting smoked when they interview at halftime. 21 hours ago
    • Famous last words, but I can't see Trump winning after this. I think he played to his base, but turned off undecideds he needed to convert. 21 hours ago
    • RT @NatePyle79: This is a debate between a politician and your uncle's Facebook page. 21 hours ago
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Alex Abboud writes about ideas, cities, and sports. He has been blogging for different sites since 2005, and his posts have appeared on the blogs of a number of media and prominent organizations. He is currently serving a six-week appointment as the Edmonton Journal’s first blogger-in-residence.

Alex lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and works in the non-profit housing and homelessness sector. His previous experience includes serving as an elected student executive at the University of Alberta, also serving as Chair of a student advocacy group in Alberta, then running a different advocacy group in Nova Scotia. He later worked as a political staff person at City Hall in Edmonton.

This site brings together his interests in ideas and change – new ways of looking at, and doing things, cities – in particular their power as places, their ability to inspire, and their role in the new economy, and sports – not just of the games themselves, but what they symbolize, and what they mean to fans.

Thank you for reading.

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